David M. Barrett - - 801.860.0540 - Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a lifelong software engineer who specializes in bringing order to the complex interactions between cutting-edge technology, unclear requirements, and confused teams. My strong engineering abilities are complemented by exceptional oral and written communication skills, and informed by widespread leadership experience. I have contributed to eleven separate products, covering 3D-optimized microprocessors to embedded programming tools, multiplayer 3D game engines to collaborative Web-based wiki engines. I have participated in six entirely distinct development organizations, from global conglomerates to open source communities, ground floor startup ventures to corporate reinventions. In short, I have an extremely diverse background spanning many roles and many companies.

I am seeking a challenging position where I can apply my combined engineering and project management skills in a senior software engineering role at a startup, entertainment, or other high-growth opportunity.

Technical Skills
Languages: C++, PHP, Java, SQL, RegExp, XML, x86 ASM
Algorithms: BSP, Quadtree, OBB, file-mapping, ROAM, RTTI, STL, scripting
Technologies: 3D graphics, collision detection, GUI design, parsers, script engines
Techniques: UML, Design by Contract, Agile Development, Performance Profiling
Platforms: OpenGL, DirectX, Win32, MFC, Apache / MySQL
Tools: Visual Studio, InstallShield, RoboHelp, VTune, TeamTrack, Anagram

Experience Overview
14 years programming (10 years 3D, 9 years C++, 7 years professional)
4 years software analysis / technical writing / product and project management
1.5 years telecommuting (1 year full-time)
1 shipped title

September 2000 - February 2002, March 2003 - Present: NextPage (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Project manager over 20 engineers
Contributed core technology designs to flagship product architecture
Hired, managed, and lead technical writer in production of end user documentation
Gathered and generated product requirements on three separate products
Wrote promised-yet-nonexistent whitepapers for marquee customers on all topics
Wrote tutorial and API documentation for two separate products

March 2002 - Present: QwikiWiki, GUIterm, QCalc
Project organizer on open-source software for over two thousand users
Created object-oriented encapsulation layer over Win32 GUI components
Created custom parsing engine for serial-port communication
Created lightweight X Windows style GUI protocol for embedded microcontrollers
Created InstallShield installer for Windows 2000/XP application
Created infix-notation calculator with custom parser for Danger Sidekick cell phone

February - September 2000, March 2002 - March 2003: Sabbatical, World Travel
Performed core research into Web, P2P, and ubiquitous computing technology
Wrote and pitched numerous business plans to advisors and potential investors
Traveled around the world to 22 countries on 5 continents in 1 year
Wrote custom scripting engine and language tied into RTTI object scenegraph
Integrated dynamically-tessellated terrain with photo imposters
Performed contract technical writing, photography, and website development

May 1998 - January 2000: Motorsims (Dallas, Texas)
Lead 3D programmer on shipping Win32 motorcycle simulation, AMA Superbike
Created DirectX graphics engine emphasizing large outdoor terrains
Created television-style camera control system for remote and replay viewing
Created quaternion-based character animation system for motorcycle riders
Created geometry-based OBB collision detection system for simulation model
Created integrated 2D/3D GUI with rotate / translate / fade animated transitions
Led architectural integration of subsystems between seven isolated engineers
Created design documentation for future features and titles

May � September 1997, December � January 1998: Intel, Freelance (Folsom, California)
Wrote OBB collision-detection pipeline with new 3D assembly language instructions
Developed custom physics demo for performance analysis
Executed performance analysis of GLQuake
Presented educational talks on the state-of-the-art in video game graphics
Developed continuous level-of-detail heightmap engine

Education Overview
September 1994 - May 1998: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
BSE in Computer Engineering
Assistant teacher for Interactive Computer Graphics (EECS 487)
AutoCAD modeling and geometry decimation for Virtual Reality Lab

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