You can request "live" references by contacting me at, or calling 801.860.0540. However, some past references are shown here:

Jim Perry - VP Engineering, NextPage (2004/9/3)
As VP of Engineering at NextPage, I hired David Barrett after extensive interviewing, and he was the right choice. David was a key part of my organization at NextPage, and reported directly to me. He is constantly thinking of new ideas to improve our effectiveness and our products. David is extremely bright and hard working, and can be shockingly productive. He has very solid technical knowledge, and frequently contributed to our technical innovation and direction in significant ways. His greatest strength, however, lies in his versatility and broad skill set. While at NextPage he worked in several capacities and wore multiple hats, demonstrating his ability to think on his feet, communicate effectively, write powerfully, contribute technically, and deliver as promised. I hope I get the chance to work with David again!

Grant Beckmann - EVP & General Manager, NextPage (2004/9/23)
David has excellent leadership, management, and communication skills. He is dependable, thoughtful, and smart. I highly recommend David.

NextPage 360 Feedback Roundup (2004/1/20)
In an ongoing effort to understand the needs and perceptions of my peers, I undertook a "360 Feedback" exercise where I asked for candid feedback from everyone I worked with closely. Of the 10-15 engineers, I work most with the leads of each subsystem. Furthermore, to best understand the answers, I asked each participant to rank his answer on a scale of 1-5:

1.I canít think of anything else.
2.Iíve thought this from time to time.
3.I definitely mean it, but donít read too much into it.
4.I really recommend you consider this.
5.I mean this in the strongest possible way.

Here are some of the results:

How have I helped make you happier and more productive?
Lee (My Manager, VP Product Management): 5 - Your personal bandwidth has given me capacity to take on significantly more in the way of future thinking and planning.
Tom (CTO): [Summarized] Good sense of priority.
Tom (CTO): [Summarized] Thinks out of box yet remains technically sound.
Wayne (Engineering Lead): 5 - You filled a hole in our process that we did not have time to do.
Jeff (UI Lead): 4 - Helped to focus scope of Chrome. Needed someone that would be hard nosed about adding requirements.
Jeff (UI Lead): 4 - You are enjoyable to work with. Have a good sense of humor.
Randy (Networking Lead): 4 - Offloading Chrome 1.0 duties from Lee.
Wes (Application Integration Lead): 5 - Happier: You are friendly, open-minded, considerate, adaptable, generally easy to work with, and you put up with the likes of myself, no small feat. PS: It ought to be everybodyís job description to make me happy at work.
Wes (Application Integration Lead): 4 - More productive: What engineers often need most Ė youíve done well at being the voice of the customer.
Duff (Interaction Design Lead): 5 - You have genuine interest in and make great contributions to UI design and interaction.
Duff (Interaction Design Lead): 5 - You are great to work with Ė good attitude, etc.
Dave (Data Layer Lead): 4 - I appreciate your decisiveness, candor, and fresh perspective.

Stacy Croninger - NextPage Manager Of Internal Documentation (2002/3/19)
David Barrett worked for NextPage for a little over a year as a technical writer. David was reliable and eager to take on any task given him, as well as constantly asking if there was anything extra he could do to help the team. David completed assignments on time with minimal supervision. David has a positive attitude. David's programming background provided an analytical perspective to our decision making processes and helped the team look at issues and projects from different angles. David is a quick learner and quick to find ways to improve processes and common tasks. In my opinion, David offers much in the way of technical expertise, team work, and writing abilities. David would be a benefit to any company for which he worked.

Tom Ngo - NextPage CTO (2002/3/14)
I am pleased to provide a personal recommendation for David Barrett. I hired him at NextPage, where I now serve as Chief Technology Officer. During his interview, David expressed a strong commitment to writing excellent documentation and declined my offer for him to write Java code for us instead. I found him to be among the top 5% of the engineers we interviewed. In working with him directly and indirectly over approximately 18 months, I found him to be among the top quartile of engineers we hired. As a technical writer at NextPage, he was a prized asset. He is technically adroit, communicates clearly both orally and in writing, and gets along well with people. His only fault is also his strength: he continually questions fundamentals, relentlessly challenging colleagues to solidify their thinking.

Past References
Unfortunately I wasn't diligent in my record keeping, and thus can't offer references from further back than 2002. But trust me, they're all good! :)

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