I heard so much about how the memos shown on CBS could be easily and exactly reproduced using the default settings of Microsoft Word, I had to give it a shot. The results were anything but convincing. (Screenshot at the bottom)

Original PDF From CBS: BushGuardMay4.pdf
My Word Reproduction: CBSMemoReproduction.doc

For a start, here’s a list of the discrepancies I can see off the bat:

1.Superscripts: Word automatically does them, but they’re not in the memo. I’ve manually removed them on the assumption that a forger could do this.
2.Centering: The “P.O. Box” starts underneath the ‘g’ in Fighter in the memo, but under ‘h’ in Word
3.Characters: What’s especially clear is that at this resolution it’s a judgment call. But in my judgment the characters look different. The “O” for example looks like a perfect circle in the memo, while it’s thin on the top and bottom in the document.
4.Indentation: Seven tabs in Word aligns the “0” in the date almost exactly under the “0” in the zip code. In the memo, it’s clearly underneath the 4.
5.Wrapping: Word fits everything from “MEMORANDUM” up to “Texas” on a single line, while the memo puts Texas on the next line.
6.Indentation: Word puts the wrapped-portion of the MEMORANDUM line directly aligned with the start of the first line. The memo indents. I’ve manually indented on the assumption a forger could do this.
7.Wrapping: Word can’t fit “(NLT) 14” on the first line of the numbered bullet. This cannot be simply due to the memo having wider margins, because for some reason it wrapped Texas even though word didn’t. The most likely explanation to me is that the author is manually choosing the line breaks.

I'm sure there are more, but do the comparison yourself (with the originals) and make your own judgment.

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