Technical Articles
Every once and a while I learn some hard lesson, and usually after doing so, I forget it. So henceforth I'll try to write up a short article on the lesson in the hopes that someone else can be saved my effort.

PHPtoCPPcrypto - Ever tried to encrypt something in PHP for decryption with the Crypto++ library? Both sides are non-obvious, and here are the results.

ProgrammingWithTheora - Theora is a fantastic open-source, patent/royalty-free video compression codec that I'm using in a project. It took me a while to get up and running with it, so I documented my experience here.

StaticLinkBoostThreads - The Boost library is frickin' awesome, but it's heavy (and I mean, heavy) use of templating can create inscrutable compiler and linker bugs. Here's a quick overview of how I got up and running. - My plan to save the music industry.

Political Articles
CBSMemoComparison - I heard so much about how the memos shown on CBS could be easily and exactly reproduced using the default settings of Microsoft Word, I had to give it a shot.

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