Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
Who is he? Where is he going? Where has he been? David Barrett / Quinthar
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Also along the long walk between my guest house and Khao Sarn Road is a bridge atop which farmers and fishermen set up their wares an unbelievably early hours. While I'm ending a long night of wandering and cavorting, they are beginning theirs.

Between Khao Sarn Road and my guest house is about a mile walk along a long winding road. Lining the sides of the road during the day are shops of every size and description, selling everything from car parts to office supplies to Iraqi hookah pipes to pirated CDs. At night most everything closes, but one corner restaurant remains open and full of late night diners. I stopped here a few times, and every time got the same thing: steamed fish heaped with some kind of green vegetable, steamed rice, and many pots of tea. It was clean, simple, and incredibly good. This is the first place where I started really experimented with being served a whole fish, bones and all, and it turns out that it's not nearly so difficult as I originally envisioned. So long as you go with the texture of the fish meat, it peels right off the bone. It gets a bit tricky once you have to flip it over, but with a little practice and some careful spoon/fork action, it's not too bad.
For some reason my night always seemed to end sometime in the morning, and this time I caught it on film.

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