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One of the more appealing aspects of traveling through Thailand is how everything is so cheap. I mean, really cheap. I was hard pressed to spend more than $5 on a multi-course meal. As such, I took many liberties and experimented with any good looking restaurant I could find. This one in particular jumped out, and did not disappoint.

Basically, on one road in Bangkok there are a few identical restaurants set side by side, each touting a bigger selection fresher fish and seafood than the next. Hawkers would come up to your side and assure you that a steamed salmon or fried trout is just what you need, and by the way, the best place to get it in town is right here. So I bit on the offer, and walked up.

The first step is to pick out the fish you want. The picture shows about a third of the selection that this particular restaurant held. I decided that a small red snapper would do the trick just nicely, and pointed it out. Next I was asked how I'd like it prepared. I asked what my options were, and he assured me that they'd fix it however I liked. So I asked for it to be steamed with soy sauce and garlic, and served with a slice of lemon. With a snap the fish was picked up and taken to the kitchen, and I was escorted to the dining room.

The dining room, well, left something to be desired. It was more like a cafeteria, and I was assigned a number and told to wait. And wait I did, for a surprising amount of time. Luckily they supplied me with a steady stream of hot tea, and that'll tide me over for a long time. Eventually it came out, along with the (too) many side dishes that were up-sold to me, and it was exquisite.

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