Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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After watching all the locals and others zipping around on scooters, I decided to give it a whizz myself. The prices are incredibly reasonable ($5/US per day) and the amount of freedom it allows cannot be understated. That said, the roads can get very muddy and downright dangerous. The Blue Bomber was actually my second bike, and the first one fared much worse. It wasn't that bad - the minor damage to the mirror was magically fixed by the time I returned to it in the morning. But after wiping out and flying over the handlebars with a hallmark David Barrett tuck-n-roll landing after heading too fast through a deep puddle (versus after heading too slow through, which I did before), the bike was simply doused in mud. Like a killer after a crime of passion, I drove myself ankle-deep into a chilly stream and frantically washed the blood-red muddy evidence from the bike and I both.

Sadly I discovered that the Blue Bomber had a flat tire, and I managed to pull off the road into a bike shop just as the rain picked up. A Thai boy that recently had an unfortunate face/road encounter (presumably due to one of the many souped-up motoscooters nearby) made quick work of the situation with a well-practiced hand. In no time he had located the puncture, pulled the tiny metal burr, and clamped down a very cool flaming press thing that presumably sealed the hole for good. After the rain stopped, I was off and running.

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