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Lodging in Thailand, like everything, is an amazing deal. For about $2.50 a night I had a thatch-walled room, queen-sized bed, mosquito net, bathroom, and deck all to myself. It was all very clean and very comfortable, and though falling asleep to the distant sounds of bad karaoke night after night can cause permanent brain damage, it was a really great place. Ko Lanta, like all of the Thai islands, hosts a wide variety of bungalows for every budget (though it's the backpacker creed to seek out the cheapest lodging wherever you go - it's more a hobby than a necessity), and this particular one is the "Clean Beach Bungalow". I originally wasn't going to go to this one (I had spent a few nights at a different bungalow that was a tad more expensive and in a worse location), but when hitchhiking down the island's only major road I was picked up by the proprietor of this bungalow and felt obligated to have a look. With my look had, I decided it was a good deal and signed my name on the dotted line.

Upon returning to my room one evening I was surprised to find it occupied by an extremely large lizard hanging out in the corner of my bathroom. I figured it'd be best to just kinda cede that corner to its control for the night.

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