Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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There's basically one town on Ko Lanta, and it's not much to behold. The main road runs right down a ramp into the water, but not before crossing a single other road that runs parallel to the sea. On these two dirt roads, both of which become muddy nightmares for unskilled motoscooter drivers such as me, sit a variety of dive shops, restaurants, and even a bar or two. In one of these bars I sat talking with a very friendly woman for some time. At the end of our conversation I'm pretty sure she was soliciting herself for sex, though it was so bored and casual I just couldn't quite tell. I mean, so we're talking for like an hour about just the most banal topics. I had the distinct impression that we were only talking out of mutual boredom. As I stand up and start gathering my things, she asks me if I'd like a Thai massage (massage is a big thing down here, and the Thai word for it is spelled "S-E-X"). I say maybe later, and she presses on (but is looking over my shoulder as if not really paying attention to me or what she's saying) "Ok, if you need a massage, a private massage, or if you need anything, you come here, ok?" Err.. sure. Thanks.

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