Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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On the west coast sits a few lonely restaurants literally hanging off the side of a steep slope. The establishment I chose looked the least like it would crumble under my not-so-enormous weight, and I'm happy to report that my evaluation was correct. The entire building is constructed out of driftwood, and I'm not talking about major logs. I mean, the thing is made out of pieces of driftwood perhaps an inch or less in diameter, nailed, tied, and otherwise fastened together like a toothpick bridge gone mad. I suspect that were I to step wrong and put the whole of my weight onto a single stick, I'd break right through the floor. Anyway, once seated and having received my sacred "cha jean" (as I quickly learned it was called in Thai - indeed, tea was the only thing I could reliably order in the entire country) I was able to relax, gaze out to sea, and overlook the strange half-submerged land bridge to a nearby island. Walking along this bridge was a man and his dog, occasionally stopping to poke and overturn rocks while scavenging for scavenging creatures.

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