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As the central road crests the hills and starts weaving down to the east coast, a driveway heads off one side and up a steep hill. I park the bike and climb up the hill on foot to find a large and abandoned bar overlooking the ocean. To magnify the view, a pair of extremely scary decks had been built several thousand years ago out of driftwood and approximately three iron nails. From this shaky vantage point the view was magnificent.

Every night the sky puts on a masterpiece exhibit of light and color, surely consuming vast amounts of film with every setting sun. Indeed, I've eight pictures of the sunset on the first night alone, three of which turned out rather nicely. However, this is the most unique so I'll post it here.
The islands of western Thailand are sprinkled very closely, so looking out to the horizon you can see the nearby islands of Ko Phi Phi and all the rest day and night. I found this for some reason disconcerting, as for some reason it seemed intuitively natural that all the islands would be an ocean journey apart. Well they are still, I guess, but I mean like a long ocean journey. Over the horizon.
As the sun set on the west side of the island, I was treated to a colorful display in the clouds to the east. Normally when I see clouds I forget that they are true, three-dimensional objects and just kinda project them onto an imagined flat ceiling high above me. However, when the sun sets and the clouds are low, you cannot mistake the shadows those in the front row cast onto the back. It's a strange reminder of sky's geometry.
The tiny town on Lanta is almost entirely suspended high above the water on stilts, making my adventurous imagination kick into overdrive thinking of what exciting mysteries may be waiting on the "underside" of the city. Of course, I didn't feel like tramping through muck to find out.
Thailand caters to the rich and poor, but thankfully anyone coming from a Western nation is automatically lumped into the rich category, even if they are poor. SriLanta is an absolutely incredible resort, complete with stylish fountains, reflection pools, and outdoor restaurant in a stylish (go figure) pan-Asian decor. Normally such a place would be outrageously expensive, and I hear the rooms are indeed rather pricey (by Thai standards), but the food was fantastic and very reasonable (by US standards).
One of the catchiest Thai-English phrases is also the name of a small and exclusive resort on Kantiang Bay. Same Same but Different has just a few bungalows, but they sport fantastic views and a restaurant serving perhaps the best food on the island.

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