Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Every night the sky puts on a masterpiece exhibit of light and color, surely consuming vast amounts of film with every setting sun. Indeed, I've eight pictures of the sunset on the first night alone, three of which turned out rather nicely. However, this is the most unique so I'll post it here.

Up in the central hills spanning west and east coasts of Lanta is a single paved road on along which my scooter swept confidently. Off to the side and beneath this road is a green valley containing a single house, in which a single child waved to me from the confines of his doorway.
Other than the beach and endless sun, the island sports relatively few real "attractions". One of these is the waterfall, which is reached by a long scooter drive followed by a long trek through the jungle. There isn't really a map or anything, and as such I didn't know exactly where I was going when I headed off on the trail to the falls. Somehow, I managed to lose the trail and got the bright idea that you are supposed to walk up the creek itself, which is (sometimes) flanked by shallow sandy berms. This idea quickly became a bad one, as I was soon wading knee deep, upriver through the chilly, rushing water while brushing off cobwebs and jungle greenery. All in all it was actually rather nice and a bit exciting, and was probably one of the rare times when I was truly exploring off the beaten path - literally. Eventually I regained the beaten path, and found it incredibly easy to follow, leaving me incredulous that I lost it to begin with. At the end is a pleasant waterfall pouring down just eno... [more]

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