Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
Who is he? Where is he going? Where has he been? David Barrett / Quinthar
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For this picture I slipped away from the group as they entered the elevator, which gave me a thirty second window of not being observed. In this time I tried a few doorknobs and found a service shaft unlocked, ducking in just as the next elevator opened up. Inside was a simple white metal ladder which led to the pipes above the sky bridge. Trying to be quiet I creeped along the catwalk hoping nobody would look up (they didn't) until I reached the middle where another ladder led to the roof. During another thirty-second window I unlatched the hatch and hopped onto the roof, braving a stiff wind several hundred feet in the air. Lining the sides of the bridge were some handholds, which in theory you would clip onto with some kind of safety line, which of course I didn't have. The hatch closed and I was all by myself on the roof of the sky bridge. I was pretty freaked out and was fussing with my camera so I could take a picture and just get the hell outta there. Of course in my nervousness I drop the damn camera and it slides to the edge, kinda pointing up to the sky. Mustering up my nerve I crawled to the edge and wrap the safety strap around my wrist so I don't drop it again. At this point I'm on my back trying to get a decent angle, but just nothing is working out for me. Figuring at this point I'm committed, I decide that I need to sit up in order to get a good shot. I carefully get to my knees and you would not believe the sense of vertigo that came over me! Though I'm not sure how it's possible to stumble while in a sitting position, I did, and next thing I know I'm sliding over the edge. Thankfully by boating reflexes came in at the last second, my right hand whipping out and catching the hand rail at the last second to keep me from going "overboard", and I'm just kinda dangling there on the side of the bridge. I had a pretty good hold and still hadn't got my picture, so that's when I lined up this one, taken from outside the glass on the sky bridge. Mission accomplished, I managed to sorta swing my left hand up to the rail and pull myself atop the sky bridge. At this time my adrenaline ran out and I must've sat there for a full twenty minutes, burning in the sun and freezing in the wind. I belly-crawl back up to the hatch, open it up, and slip down. Though I didn't look in when all the excitement was happening, apparently the bridge was empty as nobody seemed at all freaked out when I got back inside.

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