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Spanning the 41st and 42nd floor is the sky lobby, a bridge between the twin towers of the KLCC. I arrived super early in the morning to get the tickets (which wasn't a problem seeing as how I adopted a truly nocturnal schedule in Kuala Lumpur: my hostel room was deathly silent and had no windows, combined with a really hopping city that was seriously active 24/7, which made it really easy), only to find that there really wasn't much of a need as there was no line. Later that afternoon I came back and took the elevator up forty floors to the lobby, along with a big crowd of other tourists. The bridge had relatively few people when we arrived and as the tour operator when into her schpeel, and I decided to blow off her lame commentary and just start taking pictures before the place was flooded. That, and we only had like fifteen minutes until we had to evacuate the premises for the next group.

See those girls on the left? I tried to find a way to hit on them, but failed.
Looking north.
Another decent picture from when I was on my back on the sky lobby. In this you can see the pattern of the fountain spigots at the bottom of the large pond.
For this picture I slipped away from the group as they entered the elevator, which gave me a thirty second window of not being observed. In this time I tried a few doorknobs and found a service shaft unlocked, ducking in just as the next elevator opened up. Inside was a simple white metal ladder which led to the pipes above the sky bridge. Trying to be quiet I creeped along the catwalk hoping nobody would look up (they didn't) until I reached the middle where another ladder led to the roof. During another thirty-second window I unlatched the hatch and hopped onto the roof, braving a stiff wind several hundred feet in the air. Lining the sides of the bridge were some handholds, which in theory you would clip onto with some kind of safety line, which of course I didn't have. The hatch closed and I was all by myself on the roof of the sky bridge. I was pretty freaked out and was fussing with my camera so I could take a picture and just get the hell outta there. Of course in my nervousness I drop the d... [more]

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