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Since the fall of the WTC (and until its reconstruction), the tallest buildings in the world are the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. Rising 452.0 meters (1,482.6 feet) above sea level, the tower has 86 floors and houses no less than 4.25 million square feet of office space. It contains 1,800 doors, 765 flights of stairs, 7500 tons of structural steel, and 80,000 cubic meters of concrete weighing almost 200,000 tons.

At the base of the twin towers is a world-class shopping mall that rivals any in terms of opulence, if not size. What I found particularly pleasing about this mall was its Cinnabun shop it had three stories beneath the camera in this picture. Yumm!
Outside the KLCC is a very large park, comprised by huge fountains and pools and many manicured garden paths. In the background is the Menara tower.
A nice cafe is in the KLCC mall overlooking the fountain pond called the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. As the name implies, you can get drinks made from both coffee beans and tea leaves at this cafe, and a good variety of both. However, the Malaysian heat during the day was just overpowering the tallest-building-in-the-world's air conditioning, and after this picture was taken I moved a safe distance away from the death orb casting its evil rays from the sky.

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