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Lo and behold, what was my first sight on the Kuala Lumpur skyline? That's right, another tower! And I was pleased to find that yes indeed, this tower housed a spinning restaurant like all the others. I walked up the long path from my Chinatown hostel all the way to the tower base and put on my "friendly rich guy" face trying to get a table. First I asked for a table next to the window, and they said they didn't have one until much later. I said I'd wait, and asked how long that might be. They made a few calls and said it'd be a long time. I insisted I'd wait, and they called again, and for whatever reason, sat me immediately on a great table right on the spinning edge. While in the elevator I checked my ticket and noticed that I'd been upgraded to the VIP class (though I later learned that everyone's ticket says VIP, leading me to wonder what a how a true VIP is distinguished).
I think the restaurant atop the Menara is nicer than most, and perhaps the nicest I've seen. It has an absolutely incredible buffet of foods from all over the world, and I made my best effort to try it all. In my excitement I even mistook another diner's plate as a serving dish because it was so tastefully arranged. (Despite the dirty glance he directed my way, it serves him right for setting his plate down on the buffet table!) And of course, I drank a little wine and lots of tea, as my ritual goes with this sort of thing.

Just a quiet neighborhood.
Since the fall of the WTC (and until its reconstruction), the tallest buildings in the world are the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. Rising 452.0 meters (1,482.6 feet) above sea level, the tower has 86 floors and houses no less than 4.25 million square feet of office space. It contains 1,800 doors, 765 flights of stairs, 7500 tons of structural steel, and 80,000 cubic meters of concrete weighing almost 200,000 tons.
Here I'm pictured with an exceedingly drunk Finnish girl getting a foot massage. Before the massage, we met up at a nearby restaurant where at first glance she did not slosh drunk. Indeed, she was quite sober and conversational for a good fifteen minutes. But it was like immediately before meeting me she drank several shots of tequila, as before my very eyes her sobriety dissapated, without actually drinking any alcohol. She quickly descended into slurring, then had trouble -- a lot of trouble -- walking, and the creme de la creme was when she told me the story. Three times. In a row. I mean, the exact same story, verbatim, back to back, three times. Each time I feigned surprise in the same spots, and I think she thought it was a new story every time. Then it comes to the foot massage. About halfway through, she passes out. I mean, she's out cold. I'd never seen anyone so gone before. I give an apologetic expression to the bemused locals and try to wake her up. First her name. Then a couple po... [more]
Spanning the 41st and 42nd floor is the sky lobby, a bridge between the twin towers of the KLCC. I arrived super early in the morning to get the tickets (which wasn't a problem seeing as how I adopted a truly nocturnal schedule in Kuala Lumpur: my hostel room was deathly silent and had no windows, combined with a really hopping city that was seriously active 24/7, which made it really easy), only to find that there really wasn't much of a need as there was no line. Later that afternoon I came back and took the elevator up forty floors to the lobby, along with a big crowd of other tourists. The bridge had relatively few people when we arrived and as the tour operator when into her schpeel, and I decided to blow off her lame commentary and just start taking pictures before the place was flooded. That, and we only had like fifteen minutes until we had to evacuate the premises for the next group.

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