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Malacca is one of the oldest cities in Malaysia, and boasts a long and tumultuous history of successive invasions and occupations. The most notable Western occupations were the Dutch and subsequently the Portuguese, both of which have left indelible marks upon the local culture and cuisine. From the large bank of seats in the photo, tourists can witness a sound and light extravaganza that educates and celebrates this history. I didn't actually catch this show, and instead just wandered through the ruined church (behind the camera) and amongst the military exhibits (offcamera to the left) by myself.

There isn't anything of particular interest about the street in this picture, I just figured I should take a picture of the ordinary so the extraordinary can be differentiated. Most streets are perhaps a bit more narrow than this one, as it's a rather major thoroughfare, but that's what streets look like in Malaysia.
Space is at a premium here and they don't leave an inch of it to waste. Houses are built right up to and in the murky water, which is home to all manners of strange swimming creatures.
Little alleys are the best for wandering as the road noises drift away and a better sense of daily life can be found. Normally I'm a little concerned for safety, walking through tight corners in the dark narrows behind and between buildings, but I've yet to be mugged and that can only be a good thing. But really, it amazes me how safe the world is, and I'm curious to know if American cities really are so dangerous or if I've just been made paranoid by incessant newscasts. In Malaysia, my errant path is met with little more than curious stares or even nothing at all. I'm not sure what it might be elsewhere. At the same time, a global comparison is hard and I suspect what looks good from one angle looks bad from others.

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