Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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While walking out of the Suntec City monstrosity I noticed the crescent moon for the fist time in recent memory, flanked by two tall buildings in a pretty fashion.

Did you know that the flight from New Zealand to Singapore is just as long as the flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand? Perhaps it has something to do with the distortion of maps, or my incredibly bad sense of geography, but for some reason I figured that my flight was going to be just a few hours long. Thus, I was a bit surprised to find that twelve hours later, I was still in the air. Since then, I've vowed to pay more attention to my tickets.
Regardless, for the first twelve or so hours, the sky was brilliantly clear without a cloud in sight. But as we approached Singapore, mist rose from the ground and clouds engulfed the plane, adding a truly visceral property to an otherwise barren flight.
Perhaps it was just bad weather, or perhaps it's common when you're right on the equator, but for my entire stay in Singapore I saw the sun perhaps twice due to the intense haze and multilayer clouds. Thus, seeing the sun set was a welcome sight.

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