Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Because you can never have enough, even if you're a tiny island nation, Singapore opened a huge new mall while I was in town. This mall, which also has an opera house and theatre, houses a large and modern public library, adjoining which is a nice cafe called Art Digest. I'd come there a few times to enjoy their comfortable seating and nice atmosphere, and when I finally decided to take some pictures I was watched carefully by the man in the foreground. After I sat back down we struck up a nice conversation about modern Singapore, and he started talking about how he though Singapore was really doing very well and how the stereotype of Singapore being a politically repressed country were overblown. Though there is only one real political party, he said that anybody is free to talk about politics and criticize however they like. He did admit that things were much more strict back in the day, but that over time control over the press has loosened and that now it's really pretty good. I don't have any way of confirming his story, or knowing if he's actually some secret government agent, but it's good to hear nonetheless.

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