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Wandering to a corner of the town previously overlooked, I eventually settled into an expensive Japanese restaurant for a cup of tea. Before me was a large window that, when lit just right (as it was that night), reflects an amount of light just about equal to that which it transmits. After a few tries with the camera, I managed to catch a shot that I liked. Of course, posing for pictures of yourself in the middle of a fancy restaurant definitely turns some heads.

Like many large international cities, Singapore has neighborhoods centered upon distinct cultures, one of which is Little India. I picked this second-floor Indian haven for its huge buffet and hip music, both of which were very tasteful. As my hunger abated the music grew, and the entire restaurant converted into a late-night dance club. Try as I might, however, I couldn't get any play from the ladies that night.
I wandered into this stylish corner cafe on its opening day and was immediately embraced by the eager staff. It's really a great place - good tea, great food, and the happy vibe of a new and optimistic restaurant. Every dinner was served with a perfume sample (available for sale), rounding out the theme completely. As for the food, it was very good, and I was one of the first customers to taste it. Thus, I became a bit of a guinea pig for the Western fare, peppering me with questions as to the proper spicing and flavors. I was happy to oblige. For my troubles and extensive patronage I was even awarded a VIP discount card -- I think I may have been the first to win such an honor.
Across the river from downtown Singapore is a collection of hip restaurants and cafes set on the waterfront and guarded by its own tiny Merlion. As the sun presumably set (I never actually saw it due to the haze) the seaside (or riverside?) cafe became a cool and pleasant place for a cup of tea.
In one of Singapore's countless beautiful lobbies is a cafe overlooking a huge granite sphere with lightly-etched dragons engraved on its sides. The sphere slowly rotates under force of water jets set beneath, and people are (presumably) welcome to try their hand at spinning it faster. I did my best and tiptoed the slick rock fountain surface, laying my hands on the cool, slick surface of the rock. The entire thing is perhaps four-feet in diameter, so it's really a large rock that I could never hope to move in other circumstances. Even were it just resting on a flat surface, I'm not sure if I could make it roll. However, suspended by the frictionless jets, I could slowly pull it off its steady spin and take a new course, hand over hand bending it to my will. Eventually it had it spinning at a nice clip and I walked back to take a seat, watching as my will slowly evaporated and it returned to its natural path.

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