Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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After wandering aimlessly through the city for a while, I picked an Indian restaurant basically at random. See, my strategy overall for picking any eating/drinking location is to scan the rooftops and skyline for high-altitude dining opportunities. This restaurant was no exception, and I allowed the eager host to lead me to the unassuming elevator, where I was left alone on my journey to the sixth floor. To my pleasure and surprise, the open roof is filled with an opulent, tastefully-decorated set of assorted table and chairs, all with an incredible view of the Singaporean skyline. I take my seat between a pair of English businessmen discussing the dynamics of Southeast Asian chip manufactures and a self-made Texan millionaire. The food is fantastic, and the chai is piping hot, and overall it's an excellent place. So excellent, in fact, that when the Texan asked how I learned of the restaurant, he was shocked to hear I picked it at random. He assured me that "You've managed to pick perhaps the best restaurant in Singapore - I visit Singapore seven times a year, and every time I make sure to come here as much as possible."

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