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Ireland is such a great country in which to travel I'm consistenly amazed to hear that most Brits just never bother to check it out, despite being just a few hours away. I mean, my entire life everyone I've known has dreamt of the opportunity of cruising its majestic shores and lying in the iradescent-green grass. And, now that I've done it, I'm happy to say that it's worth the trip. So to all of you in the UK, or British Isles, or whatever crazy name you've conceived for yourselves -- get over to Ireland and check it out.

In my attempt to explore every means of transportation possible (car, bus, plane, train, horseback, cruise ship, and now ferry), I headed to Cherbourg for the ferry to Ireland. Not having any information about this ferry, other than the vague rumor that it exists, I wander about town late that night asking when it leaves. Eventually I run into an Irish biker in an Italian restaurant and he informs me that as luck would have it, a ferry leaves the next morning - the only one leaving for several days. Happy to hear this, I think him for the news and am on my way. It's not until I'm about to set my alarm clock that I realize I have no idea when exactly it leaves in the morning. Eek! So, I get up as early as the front desk is open, on the assumption that I'm not the first person to catch this ferry so they must open early enough. I check out and start walking to the ferry terminal. Little did I know that the walk is really, really long, and incredibly boring. Not to mention, a huge stretch of this wa... [more]
We found a nice little place overlooking a bustling marketplace to grab a cup of tea.
Thanks to Silver, Jr (my trusty Nissan Micra), I was able to peer into the nooks and crannies and "get away from it all". This particular away was down a side street off a well-traveled circle route of the peninsula. I park Silver where the road jags right, climb over a barbed-wire fence and walk along the top of a long, very old rock wall keeping the quietly nibbling sheep to my left from falling off the perilous cliff to my right. The grass-topped wall continues for a long way up a gradual incline, and then turns left to follow the corner of the pasture. I hop off at the corner and continue toward the sea.
The grass is spongy, but dry, and covers the bumpy ground like a thick gymnast's mat. The hill curves down to a dangerous slope leading eventually to an even more dangerous cliff over jagged rocks, pounding against the incoming waves. Carefully I creep down as far as I dare, step by step, and find a knoll on which to sit.
The knoll is round and soft, and juts from the diagonal inclin... [more]
Despite the allure of visiting Limerick (which I'm told by everyone I meet, traveler and local alike, that it has nothing of value other than its name), I cut across one of the many bays by ferry. Silver, Jr. Silver and I (and a few other cars) pull up to a completely abandoned jetty where I'm assured by a sign a ferry leaves on a regular basis. We wait, and wait, and eventually I turn off the car to pull out a book and wait some more. Cars have piled up behind me on, not so much a parking lot, but rather a road that leads down a ramp into the water.
Eventually the ferry's grumble can be heard over the water, and soon after it's seen pulling around to the submerged landing. It drops its front gate and the cars pull off, making way for us to roll our way on. This we do without ado, the gate closes, and we're quickly on our way.
The wind is quick and chill, but I brave the sketchy weather to visit the concession stand and grab a cup of tea. With my tea I get a piece of candy that loo... [more]
Though I'd heard of "St. Steven's Green" before, I never really knew what it was. It turns out to be a park in the middle of Dublin, and a really nice one at that. Despite being in the midst of the most rainy summer on record, I was given a fantastic day to explore the park.

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