Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Though many know that the law is pervasive and strict in Singapore, few realize that the maintenance of order falls to the Fethadroids - a mechanized battalion of security robots placed strategically throughout the city. Due to their traditional association with peace and security, as well as implicit flight capability and melee offensive weaponry, the pleasing shape of a bird was chosen to house the deadly machine. I was able to catch on film a rare exchange, where an offending citizen accepts rebuke for illegally chewing gum from Fethadroid #2274, more commonly known as "BOB".

After wandering aimlessly through the city for a while, I picked an Indian restaurant basically at random. See, my strategy overall for picking any eating/drinking location is to scan the rooftops and skyline for high-altitude dining opportunities. This restaurant was no exception, and I allowed the eager host to lead me to the unassuming elevator, where I was left alone on my journey to the sixth floor. To my pleasure and surprise, the open roof is filled with an opulent, tastefully-decorated set of assorted table and chairs, all with an incredible view of the Singaporean skyline. I take my seat between a pair of English businessmen discussing the dynamics of Southeast Asian chip manufactures and a self-made Texan millionaire. The food is fantastic, and the chai is piping hot, and overall it's an excellent place. So excellent, in fact, that when the Texan asked how I learned of the restaurant, he was shocked to hear I picked it at random. He assured me that "You've managed to pick perhaps the best re... [more]
As is typical, despite having a solid map of the downtown, I manage to wander off and get lost in a big area my map assures me is filled with nothing but "yellow". However, quite to the contrary, I find an abandoned park tucked back behind an urban street and highway exit ramp slowly being reclaimed by the greenery. A cracked brick patio surrounds a long-dry fountain, and each of the patio's four corners is home to an ornate and fearsome dragon.
The island's perpetual haze and countless tungsten lights give the night air a distinctly orange glow - much like the Meijer's parking lot back in Saginaw on a cloudy night. However, unlike Saginaw, the Singaporean skyline is dominated by modern buildings straight out of Blade Runner (though without the random bursts of flame).
While walking out of the Suntec City monstrosity I noticed the crescent moon for the fist time in recent memory, flanked by two tall buildings in a pretty fashion.

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