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My standard operating procedure when arriving in any big city is to search the skyline for any towers that may house spinning restaurants, and Auckland did not disappoint. As I rounded a corner atop a long, sloping hill I was rewarded with a fine view of the tower jutting out of the city like a glowing javelin dropped from on high. Indeed, the entire thing is lit in such a fashion that it looks right out of Tron.


Though I'm not overly afraid of heights, I decided to walk out onto the glass before looking down, just to make sure I'd be able to do it. It's one of those situations where something deep in your brain - a part that did not evolve knowing about transparent floors - absolutely refuses to allow you to voluntarily walk out into what it perceives to be thin air.
I explicitly timed my trip to the tower to be in the late evening, where I could secure for myself a comfortable table next to the window for a couple hours without upsetting the staff (if I were to try that when busy, I'm not sure it'd go over well). Thus, between the tea, the view, a comfortable chair, and a nearby electrical outlet, I was set up with a wonderful office in which to work. It's places like that that convince me that telecommuting has a real future.
Look at them, the puny humans. Look how they continue on in their silly little lives, unaware of silent death which stalks them from above. They dare to defy my power? They dare refuse my authority?! Soon they will pay for such treachery!! MuhaHAHAHA!!!

Being so late, I managed to get the observation deck all to myself. It's quiet and spacious, and filled with a gloomy lighting that befits some space station and easily gives way to delusions of grandeur.
Up on a pedestal near a swank set of restaurants is this cool statue thing that consists of two grooved stone surfaces covered in trickling water, joined by a wall of flame. I was very impressed and immediately reached for my camera. However, just moments before my camera clicked, the flames went out. I waited and waited, but it didn't come back. So I walked away and saw the flames come back on. I raced back, and they went back out. Drat. Eventually I left for real, and then snuck up later, when it wasn't looking, and caught it in the act. Heh heh.

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