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Wellington is a town that everyone I met just raved about, but for some reason just didn't do it for me. Of course most people saw Christchurch as a "one-day max" stop (I spent perhaps ten and wanted more), so maybe we're all just into different things. Regardless, Wellington does have a stellar museum called the Te Papa, a large fraction of which is dedicated to Maori culture and the history of Maori/English conflict and resolution. The exhibits are large and welcoming, and the building's architecture is an incredible mix of airy balconies and secluded corners. Set on the third floor is a nice cafe where, of course, I visited first. In the middle of the cafe is a colorful racing bike which the placard claims was invented literally in the garage of a local bike enthusiast. Furthermore, the bike sports a radically innovative design, is built almost entirely from plastic composites, and competes extremely well against the best bikes produced by Honda, Ducati, and the likes. Sadly, they weren't for sale in the gift shop.

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