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Despite having wandered about the city for many days and many nights, exploring what I thought was most every nook and cranny, I stumbled across another great coffeeshop on my final day in Christchurch. Yet another reason to call Christchurch a cafe-lover's paradise. The delightfully-understated Cafe is equipped with a somewhat standard tea selection but an unusually-welcoming sitting green on which to drink it. That, and it appears to be across from a film or art school, filling Cafe with a young, hip crowd of fashionable students that made me almost embarrassed to be wearing what I wear. Almost.

On a side note, the clothes I wore from the outset finally exceeded even my tolerance for the "worn in" look (large holes were appearing in exactly the wrong places). Thus, in a shopping binge I purchased a new pair of Levi's and a stylish (I think) beige short-sleeve British India collared shirt. I've found that it's a lot of fun to walk into a store wearing one outfit and walk out with another. In the aftermath I noticed an immediate improvement in my treatment when dining at the more exclusive restaurants. Of course, there is also some element of fun being a total grunge in an opulent environment.

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