Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Some combination of New Zealand's clean air and puffy clouds, accentuated by long rows of rolling mountains, manages to create a reliable stream of beautiful sunsets.

Escorting me around the island was a red Nissan that is not unlike the one driven by one of my high-school neighbors, Brian Geiersbach. It was really a nice and peppy car, and it was the first automatic transmission I'd driven in a while. Making the transition from manual to automatic wasn't as trivial as I might have suspected: I kept finding myself shifting aimlessly while flailing around with my clutch foot.
After picking up two completely drained teenage girl hitchhikers (they had been dancing at a rave for the past 24 hours, and looked every bit the part), I noticed a sign for the Pancake Rocks and turned off to have a look. As my occupants dozed I followed the clear trail around a seaside park home to very strange rock formations that look, that's right, like stacks of pancakes. Signs nearby offered several possible explanations as to how these might have formed, though concluded that in the end, nobody really knows.
Having slept in the Red Baron the night before, I awoke ridiculously early (like, before noon) and decided to make up for it by indulging in a fantastic breakfast. Hemner Springs, I might add, is a town surrounding a set of hot springs converted into a series of modern swimming pools of various shapes and temperatures. Being a big fan of hot springs I spent a goodly amount of time lounging in the shallow waters and watching the townsfolk wander in and out on their daily rituals.

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