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What might have been the best cafe in town I have to downgrade to instead just being good due to the freaky hostess eyeing me suspiciously at every turn. I mean, it's really a gorgeous place: comfy chairs, good lighting, decent tea selection and great food (the mussel chowder was simply incredible). It even has Ethernet wired throughout all the walls. However, that's where the fun stops.
When I got my first cup of tea, I started walking around taking pictures of the beautiful premises. At this point I was approached by Her, a scary paranoid employee, who asked what I was doing. I replied I was taking pictures for my website, as I'm searching the world for the best cup of tea and I thought they had a good thing going. She then asked why I was doing this, with the insinuation that I'm somehow there actually as a spy or a journalist because "It's very competitive here and we are very protective of our business." Er... whatever.
Then it comes to the Ethernet. I ask if I can plug in my laptop, and after I assure them that I'll pay for the privilege, they accede. But, when I indicate I need to find an IP address, which I can do in about thirty seconds if I can look at the computer in the back, they stoutly refuse. Again, me being a spy and all, I'm actually there to break into their top secret network, and thankfully they're on the vanguard and have foiled my devious plot.
So, I hang out for a couple hours drinking tea, having soup and bread, using my laptop, and generally having a good time. As I get up to pay, she visibly braces herself and says "And also $X/hour for using your computer here." Rather than fight such a stern and powerful force as she, I meekly say "That sounds entirely fair" with a beaming smile and ignore the lack of professionalism of at least telling me beforehand while incurring the hidden fee.

It's a little-known and highly-contested fact that New Zealand has spiders. Now, for the first time ever, there is incontrovertible proof of spiders in the form of - that's right - a spider web. Now that my life's quest is over, I just hope I can sleep better at night.
Though lacking the potential of the Green Turtle, in practice a local chain called The Coffee Connection (I think) was the best place to hang and drink tea. Not only did they have better tea, they had the largest gummy-candy I've ever seen in my life. I mean, when's the last time you were served a gummy-worm on its own plate? That's right, never. It's things like that that make The Coffee Connection the best cup of tea in Christchurch.

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