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Near central Christchurch is a retired art college, since converted into a general-purpose arts center for the town. The campus is a small but beautiful collection of atriums and stone-faced buildings, which currently holds a number of shops, studios, theatres, and cafes.

I only include this statue because I took like twenty pictures of the damn thing without remembering why.
Looms are surprisingly complex. The studio was equipped with a miniature "training loom", which consisted of only a tiny fraction of the moving parts the pros use. But, even then, it took me a while to get the knack of it.
I didn't realize the state of the art in weaving technology had come so far. This high-tech loom has bunch of computer-controlled components such that, even though operated by hand at a surprisingly brisk pace, it churns out an extremely complex pattern. I witnessed it in action while visiting a studio in the art center.

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