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Despite the allure of visiting Limerick (which I'm told by everyone I meet, traveler and local alike, that it has nothing of value other than its name), I cut across one of the many bays by ferry. Silver, Jr. Silver and I (and a few other cars) pull up to a completely abandoned jetty where I'm assured by a sign a ferry leaves on a regular basis. We wait, and wait, and eventually I turn off the car to pull out a book and wait some more. Cars have piled up behind me on, not so much a parking lot, but rather a road that leads down a ramp into the water.
Eventually the ferry's grumble can be heard over the water, and soon after it's seen pulling around to the submerged landing. It drops its front gate and the cars pull off, making way for us to roll our way on. This we do without ado, the gate closes, and we're quickly on our way.
The wind is quick and chill, but I brave the sketchy weather to visit the concession stand and grab a cup of tea. With my tea I get a piece of candy that looks like licorice, its color and flavor both changed to "blue", and filled with white pasty sugar. It's the perfect match for the tea, and the three of us settle down on the raised deck with a book to while away the time.

On a spontaneous urge while crossing the country, I pulled off the road to follow a sign for something that I never did find and I can't remember. Regardless, in place of my original goal I did pick a random cemetery to wander around, and found it filled with beautifully-decaying headstones amidst tall, unkempt grass. The oldest I found dated into the 19th century, though without paper and charcoal I couldn't discern writing on the eldest.

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