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Bayeux is just a really nice city. Very pretty, very picturesque. It's perhaps the largest city located near the D-Day landing beaches, and in my hostel (the Family Home), Saving Private Ryan played every night I was there. Multiple times. (The second other movie played was Castaway. Some sort of Tom Hanks bias, apparently.) Incidentally, the Family Home hostel is an incredibly confusing castle of a place: I walk in and ask for a bed, and am shown to a room without problem. Cool, I'm set. Or, so I think. When I return late that night, I simply cannot find my room. I retrace what I thought were my steps, but they just lead to the laundry room. I take every stairwell I can find (I recall my room being at the top of a stairwell), but none of them lead where I want to go. In the process I probably wake half the estate up as the floors, doors, and stairs (there are many) all squeak as if the Germans were the last to have oiled them. Recalling my days playing Hide and Go Seek, I slip off my sandals, set down my backpack, and continue my stealthy search in creeping silence. After no less than an hour of fruitless wandering up and down the spiral tower staircases, I eventually decide to take a closer look at the laundry room. In the back, is a set of stairs. At the top is my room. Sigh...

Bayeux is a fantastic city with some of everything great about France. It has an active main street lined with cafes, fashion stores, and more bakeries than are found in most US states.

Of particular interest is the "Family Home" hostel: a massive, labyrinthian house in which I wandered for literally an hour, up and down the towers' spiral staircases and through the dark creaking halls, looking for my room. Even with my advanced claustrophobic mapping skills (honed in countless hours of First Person Shooters), I was simply lost.
The only place I could find where I could check my email was one of those typical women's clothing / network hardware stores. You know the sort.

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