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Though originally targeting Interlochen, I ended up heading to Zurich and could not have been happier. Zurich is an incredibly pretty town, with amazing clock towers in all directions.

Alexandra, a wonderful girl I met in Egypt, lives in Germany only a few hours away from Zurich itself. After driving her parents' Jeep on the infamous Autobaun for hours, we wandered around Zurich's botanical garden, pictured above. The garden is actually quite impressive, with three large domes containing a variety of plants foreign to the local climate.
For some reason, whenever I've thought of Switzerland I've always thought of Interlochen. Though I don't remember exactly where this connection was made, I seem to recall a nature camp in Michigan being named Interlochen, and thus I connected the name with natural beauty. Thankfully, the connection turned out to be accurate, and it's a veritable playground of outdoor activities. Pictured here is a road leading to one of the many gondolas, which led to perhaps the highest-altitude spinning restaurant in the world. (We decided eventually to not go due to both our budgets being astonished by the steep price of the gondola and a strong case of sour grapes.)
Next to the gondola is a trail leading back to the cliff face, where a surprisingly large waterfall pours into a surprisingly small stream. We walked up the trail a bit to get a closer look. As if the bend in the trail and the thick overgrowth wasn't enough, a rope was pulled between some trees clearly indicating that Man was not intended to go further. Not to be put off, Alexandra pushed the rope aside and scampered up the rocks to the fast water and slick rapids. A hop and a skip, and then a long crawl up a slippery grass slope later, we're at the base of the falls. From up close the sound is overwhelming, and the view is wonderful.
Alexandra managed to find quite possibly the most amazing scenic spot in Interlochen, if not all of Switzerland. This incredible building is perched half-way up a cliff face, guarding the entrance to a large cave -- a cave alleged to be home of a large dragon in the long past. The water pours out of the cave and under the house, flowing down to the lake far below. In the house is currently located a restaurant, where Alexandra and I enjoyed our requisite pot of cheese fondue.

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