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On the long walk between my seedy guest house and the hoppin' tourist center of Pafos can be found the opening of a mysterious collection of man-made caves. The first cave, the entrance of which is shown in the picture, is perhaps twenty-five feet tall and twice as wide and deep. Though I'm sure it must be man made, it must have happened so long ago that the walls have had time to age to look natural. In the back of the cave are stairs, carved out of the rock, that lead to a maze of tunnels and other strangely shaped caves - some wide and with low ceilings, some tall and thing. All in all, it's as if people of vastly different proportions were assigned together to design a secret underground fortress, but never bothered to compare notes. Of the many openings that lead to the surface, several have paths and stairs that reach the top of the hill where a modern though completely trashed circle of benches creates a peaceful and entirely abandoned lookout spot ideally suited to watching sunsets and sunrises alike.

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