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The Lemessol shore is dotted with pretty sculptures, such as this.

Air travel is faster, more convenient, and actually cheaper than most alternatives. However, it's nowhere near as fun. I had intended my next destination after Egypt to be Greece, and seeing as how it's just across "the pond", I figured I'd just catch one of the many sear ferries that surely plied the waters. After all, Alexandria is one of the world's greatest port cities, in history at least. However, it would appear that it's only in history that the port was great, as currently there are exactly zero ferries going from Egypt to anywhere. Indeed, after consulting many different travel agents (and getting as many different answers), I finally found the sole passenger ship that visits Alexandria: the Princess Marissa cruise ship. I'd never been on a cruise ship and it wasn't too much more than a plane ticket (and I was distraught at the idea of coming all this way to Alexandria only to turn around and go back to the Cairo airport) so I figured I'd give it a go.

After a terribly-Egypti... [more]
A comfortable cup of tea while watching the traffic zip by along the coast. Behind me is a group of Cypriots enjoying the World Cup, and moments after I take this picture I'm approached by the man in the foreground and one of the people behind the camera and drawn into an active discussion on Cypriot history, specifically with regards to the Turkish occupation, as well as world politics in general. In summary it seemed that their view was "We tried to act like we had power when we didn't, and now we're paying the price, and the same goes for the Palestinians."
Despite their seeming synonymy, I'm told that coast and shore do not describe the land/sea intersection in the same way. Specifically, "coast" refers to the sea portion (and hence, is used when you're on land), while "shore" refers to the land half. Thus, when in a boat it's wise to sail the coast, but disastrous to sail the shore.
This overflowing pita is a prime example of the cheap food I've been eating on this trip. It's amazing I can still walk, but boy is it good.

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