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Far out of town north of Aswan is a new bridge. Now, I'm a bit confused why they built it such a large distance out of town - all the larger seeing as how so many people don't have cars. When I asked this I was told that this was a convenient place for a bridge. Fair enough, but bridge building is not a new science: I figure it is sufficiently advanced that we can build bridges wherever convenient for us, not for the engineers.

Likewise, seeing as how our felucca had to physically take down our mast in order to get under, I question the wisdom of creating a permanent bridge so low that boats from a thousand years ago cannot go traverse unhindered. Granted, the felucca mast is darn tall. But if you're going to build it once, build it right. I mean, it's not like this is some small tributary river - this is the Nile we're talking about.

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