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On an island just outside of town are rebuilt ruins of the ancient Philae Temple. The temple is a beautiful collection of tall pillars and walls, every foot of which is inscribed with beautiful hieroglyphics. Almost as impressive as the temple itself is the fact it was dug out of the Nile riverbed when the a dam partially submerged it many years ago. The level of the water can be seen in the discoloring of the pillars in the picture.

[WARNING!! You are now entering rant territory...]
The most frustrating aspect of Egypt is how everyone is out to scam you. I'm sure you're thinking "Now, David, you're exaggerating..." - I'm not. Of every ten remarkable (non-neutral, i.e. people you remember) people I meet, five are merely annoying, perhaps three frustrating, and one downright upsetting. There are so many scammers that by the time you're just getting over the last one, a new one comes along. Granted, there's one actually nice person in the crowd, but even the nice people are no nicer than anywhere else (and the not-so-nice are much more not-so-nice than elsewhere). Likewise, even the supposedly nice people often turn out to scam you in the end. Basically, the scale tips well into negative territory. To be fair, my cultural background dictates what I find to be "neutral", and neutral in my eyes is "nice" in Egyptian terms, but that doesn't change the stats.
The man in this picture falls in the "annoying" category: his sc... [more]

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