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South Africa has its own Grand Canyon, though its actually called the Blyde River Canyon. We stopped at a panoramic lookout sight to stretch our legs and get a nice view. Of course, the best views were to be found on the other sides of all the imposing "Danger! Do not pass!!" signs, including the one pictured here. Incidentally, I'm nowhere near as serene as I appear in this picture: I have ten seconds from the time I click the button to get into position. My seat isn't terribly far away, but it's at the top of a cliff canyon wall and littered with crumbling and dangerous rocks (as the signs indicate). Thus, I managed to sit down and compose myself the instant the shutter snapped, despite my beating heart and nervous limbs. I took much longer than ten seconds getting back.

Though not in any way a good picture (we had slowed to stop traffic on a twisting mountain road, but couldn't do so for long), I just had to mention this odd waterfall: apparently it's one of the few places in the world where the waterfalls don't eventually wear down the rock and make canyons, but actually have so much ore that the oxides harden on the rock and eventually close up the entire fountain. So, some indeterminate time in the future, this waterfall will, like the many before, seal up and force the water to find another path over the edge.

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