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On the third day of our tour we left Kruger National Park and headed to a nearby private game reserve. At the front gate we left our enclosed bus and took a more hearty Land Rover, specially equipped with extra seats on front and back. My seat is actually hung off the back of the large vehicle, much like Granny hung off of the back of that car they drove in the Beverly Hillbillies. Wim, our tour guide, actually sat in a seat attached to the front of the car, apparently so he can have an unobstructed view for following traks and sighting animals. The drive was long and bumpy and very fast - that Land Rover can really move. See how the road extends all the way to the horizon? We drove the entire length, and then some. Then we took a left, and drove for another long way, before getting to the lodge. That's a lot of land with nothing on it but game, trees, and us.

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