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The undisputed champion of the bush is, of course, the elephant. They're giant and magnificent creatures, with a voracious appetite: it's hard not to be impressed watching them dismantle and eat entire trees, branch after branch. At one point we were near a water hole where a family of elephants was crossing the road. A different guest to the park managed to get his car between point A and B, earning him a trumpet blast and imposing charge (that stopped short) from an impatient elephant.

One day when we stopped for lunch, a pair of small monkeys (or maybe baboons?) came to visit our picnic ground. As I tried to maneuver into the best photo angle, the larger one darted out his tree, grabbed an apple off of another visitor's table as he turned momentarily away, and then jumped back to his branch to feast.
Wandering alongside the road are this pair of bizarre birds, slowly picking bugs and food from the tall grass. We stopped and watched them amble past, never taking notice of us.
A wildebeest is an animal that I never really thought existed. I mean, I acknowledged in my mind that it was an actual animal, but I never really got around to placing it anywhere actually on this planet. It's always the punch line to some joke, or some sort of cartoon animal. It's not that it's a particularly strange animal, it's just... not something I really expected to see, that's all.

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