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My first major activity in South Africa is sleep. Indeed, I sleep so much my first day that my roommates dub me "that sleeping guy" and show genuine concern for my health. However, after my long sleep I feel ready for anything, even ready for Mama Afrika.

I invite myself along for dinner with their group and we settle upon this colorful establishment for its advertised authentic South African fare. The food is good, but not nearly as memorable as the music. Performing near the bar is this band of perhaps a dozen native singers, dancers, and drummers, as well as a complete brass section. The amount of energy they pump into their music was unbelievable. On top of the sound, they often joined in what I can only assume must be some derivative of tribal war dances, as they involved charging fist and feet first into an unlucky member of the audience (thankfully not me), only to pull away at the last second before the next person does it again and again. A startling experience for me, and I can only imagine how it'd feel to be the focus of all that attention.

That's right John, it's a chandelier made of you-know-whats. South Africa has it all.

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