Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
Who is he? Where is he going? Where has he been? David Barrett / Quinthar
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Undeniably the key find of the trip are the monkeys. Our cruise amongst the branches comes to a sudden halt as Sonia and the driver detect a disturbance in the force. Our confusion is immediately lifted as we notice that above us the branches sway and bend as if in a windstorm, despite their neighbors remaining still. Closer inspection reveals not one or two, but dozens, upwards of a hundred squirrel monkeys crawling and leaping amongst the branches high above our floating vessle. Luck would have us be directly between point A and B as this family of social creatures gracefully leaped one at a time from a high branch on one side of the river to crash into a low bunch of leaves on the other. In awed fascination, we watch the incredibly cute animals effortlessly walk and hop the branches until they can be seen no more.

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