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After crossing Ecuador's longest cable car I am deposited on a trail to "The Entrance to the Falls". However, the only falls I was able to find was my own as I slip down a sixty-degree incline of pure mud. At the end of this trail is a pretty stream with burbling rapids, though I doubt it's truly the "falls" that were advertised on the sign. Regardless, the trail appears to stop and I don't know where to go, so I just wash off the mud in the stream and wade in to take this picture.

My trusty steed, though she gets finicky in any gear but first. Thankfully I need no other gear, so it works out well for the both of us.
Leading, in theory, to the Cascada San Pedro, this swinging cable car pulls steadily across the Rio Pastanza and offers incredible views of the nearby terrain. Large enough to seat perhaps four (though I'd be afraid to put in more than two), I share my trip with a local woman on the way back from work at one of the trail's convenience stands. About half-way across the valley she drops a large plastic bag off the side, narrowly avoiding a tiny shack at the bottom. A bit saddened that she would so cavalierly litter such an amazing vista, she then informs me that she's dropping a bag of maize off to her friend, in the shack. Silly me jumping to conclusions.

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