Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Sonia demonstrates how the jungle leaves can be woven together to create thatched roofs that last for ten years, rather than the usual five for unwoven roofs.

Modeling the latest in amphibious fashion, Tracy (is that right? I can't seem to find her name or email address anywhere...) poses with a tiny tree frog. Notice how the frog brings out the highlights in Tracy's hair, and contrasts with the stark blue of her blouse.
Wandering around the ground are incredible millipedes, intricate creatures looking as if created by a clever watchmaker. Unlike centipedes, which have two sets of legs from each segment, millipedes do not bite and are safe to hold. Indeed, holding a millipede is a strange sensation as the legs are like tiny poking needles drifting along the skin.
After our hike through the jungle we stop at a native village, the same village from which our driver hails. As we sit and talk in the village's single schoolhouse, a boy peers in with friendly curiosity.
Further demonstrating the jungle's bounty, Sonia builds a sturdy backpack out of leaves and vines right before our eyes.

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