Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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As I perused the list of available cabanas, I couldn't help but notice an establishment after my own image: Gringo Dave's. Though a tad pricy for my budget, I earmarked enough for a meal at the well-named restaurant. Of the many enticing choices, I selected the "stuffed grouper", chips and salsa, and a Cerverza Sol.

Now, when I order chips and salsa at Chili's in the states, it comes out instantly. Thus, I was getting antsy when fifteen minutes later, I had no chips. Just as I began to lose hope that they're lost forever, I realized that the quiet chop-chop sizzle-sizzle coming from the back room was the cook actually fixing my chips and salsa, from scratch. When it finally came, it was an absolutely stunning combination. The chips were hot and salsa fresh, and I was very happy to have been made to wait.

The main course arrived a while later, and it was darn good. So good that I didn't notice until I was done that the "stuffed grouper" wasn't actually stuffed at all (unless it was stuffed with more grouper, perhaps).

During both courses of the meal I was visited by a friskly little creature named Panjo, entertained by the whistling Paco, and utterly ignored by the sleeping Rocky.

With a scamper and a jump, I suddenly found myself in the company of Panjo, a quick little furry creature somewhere between a fox, squrrel, and monkey. I'm told Panjo is actually a "tejon" (which my dictionary confidentally assures me is a badger, though it looks nothing like the Wisconsin state rodent that I remember). Anyway, Panjo is extremely friendly, almost as much as he is hungry. In this picture, Panjo is eating my shoe. Being a quick little bugger, sacrificing a toe was the only way to get him still enough for a decent picture.
Though Paco's attention was actually focused on amusing a cradle-bound boy with clicks and whistles, I was similarly mesmerized.

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