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"Chichen Itza, the ancient city whose name means "In the Mouth of the Itzae's Well", was, in its time of grandeur (between 800 and 1200 A.D.), the centre of political, religious, and military power in Yucatan, if not all of South-eastern Meso America. In its architecture one can observe a gradual change in stule, starting with the Puuc style, also shared with Uxmal and other sites in the Peninsula and culminating with the socalled Mayan Toltec style, due to the architectural similarities with Tula, capitla of the Ancient Toltecs, and with other sites in Central Mexico, such as Oaxaca and the Gulf Coast. Chichen Itza was a large city with a great many inhabitants, distributed around the architectural nucleii which we observe as ruins, who had a relatively easy access to the water coming forth from the various caves and Cenotes of the region."

Yow. Those are some serious run ons.

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