Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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While walking down the street a light drizzle came on just as a man hailed me with a barrage of food recommendations (I think). Hoping to avoid the impending rain, and being a bit hungry, I said "Si" to see what kind of concoction I would get. It turns out that the resultant food was absolutely amazing -- possibly the best meal I've had since. I never did get the name of what it was, but it was almost like a cajun chicken. with a dash of lime and a bit of refried beans, it was a stunning dish.

During my stay in Mexico, I've become progressively more adventurous in my eating. With this meal I tried some of the juice to see if it'd sit well with me. However, the juice tasted diluted, and the only thing that it makes sense to dilute with is water. Local water. So, after a half glass, I drank no more out of fear of my intestinal tract's response.

I'm happy to report that it responded quite well, and all systems are go.

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