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With the help of dos chicas, pen, paper, and my infantile espanol, I learned of an extremely cheap hotel next to the Instituto Technological in a remote neighborhood of Veracruz. The first chica pushed me onto some ancient box on wheels called an 'autobus', and the second chica told me where to jump off (in the literal sense -- some busses down here don't really "stop" for people to get on or off), as well as walked me to the hotel.

Anyway, this room ended up being $51 pesos -- about $6USD. It had clean sheets, a working ceiling fan, and a good breeze from the outside. Of course, it also had no toilet seat, only one temperature of water (chilly), and some extremely loud street noise in the mornings. But hey, such is the life of the budget traveler.

Making this room even more exciting was the girl that led me to it. My spanish is pretty bad, so I usually don't know what's going on. Furthermore, whenever it comes to girls of any nationality, I always seem to be confused. With all this combined, when she was walking up to my room -- well, I didn't know what to expect. Sadly, what few expectations I might have had turned out to be for naught, as she was just making sure that the silly American found his room. Shucks. I did, however, ask her out to dinner (well, I asked if she was hungry, I think, and she said yes and we went and got food). Making use of pen and paper and my tiny dictionary we continued our previous conversation. It was actually really, really fun. The language gap was a bit of a challenge, but nonetheless I'll call it a successful date. My first date in espanol, at that.

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