Last spotted in San Francisco, USA on March 28, 2003, 1:23 pm
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Finally, after surviving endless potholes, man-eating insects, and countless hours waiting in bus terminals, I arrived at the beach. And boy was it nice. From my notebook:

"Now this is what it's all about. Dos cervezas, por favor, and more sun than I can stand. As I walked to the beach I was hailed by a man and escorted to my private table. Minutes later he brought my Superior cerveza, a quartered lime, and a pile of rock salt.

"As I drink my beer and chill in the breeze, I watch a family coat their boy with thick soupy sand, while his grandmother laies in the surf like a beached whale. Farther out an elderly couple plays in the waves as if it's the first time. Who knows? Maybe it is.

"I order another cerveza from mi amigo and continue my sitting and watching, feet in the sun, stripped to my waist with all my worldly posessions safely guarded in the seat next to me. I had begun to have second thoughts about this trip -- only two days old -- but it's good to get vindication in the sun an waves."

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