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Excuse the blur on this picture, but for some reason I decided to take it while we were crossing a rope bridge over a crocodile-infested waterfall. Or, that's what it felt like.

The Executive busses, which cost almost twice as much as the regular busses, are easily twice as nice. They have huge chairs that lean far back and, the best of all, that have these clever foot rests that actually work (unlike the foot rests of normal busses which I can never seem to do anything with). As you can see, there are only three people seated across, and far fewer rows. There is a "cafeteria" in the back (actually just a cooler area that has bottled water for passengers, though no Coke as advertised), very nice window shades that actually close all the way, and overall a very comfortable interior.

The foot rests that work are really the greatest part of all, enabling me to sleep for real rather than just dozing. They work like this: normally the seat in front of you has a metal brace that flips down on which you can supposively rest your feet. However, your feet (or, more accurately, my feet) keep slipping off the brace, making me have to work to actually keep my feet in position. Without my feet in position, my butt slides off the seat in a very uncomfortable pose. So, I'm face with the dilemma of considerable effort or considerable discomfort. Not a good choice.

The executive bus solves this problem by, in addition to folding down a brace for your feet (which is padded -- genuis!), an entire bridge folds down on which your legs rest. Thus, the entire back of the seat in front of you folds down to create a lazy-boy-like arrangement that you can't slip out of. In addition, there are pillows and blankets, very comfortable seats, and all in all it's great. Despite the cost, I'm strongly considering taking one on my next big trip to Mexico City.

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