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At the time of this writing, I have to say that the Espresso Royale Cafe on State St in Ann Arbor, MI has got to be the best coffeeshop in the entire world. Not that it's the best in everything: no hot waitresses that refill your tea without asking, no panoramic view of the ocean, no massive tea selection. No, what it lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. Peep this:

The ERC has a fantastic crowd of University of Michigan college students. Not that they're any better than other college students (though, being a Wolverine, I have to say that they are), but it gets points for not being eternally filled with wannabe goth teens or CEOs and their trophy wives.

The ERC has free wireless Internet access, Ethernet ports for the wired folks, and PCs available for the rest. 'Nuff said.

The ERC has a large (though not massive, like Pango) tea selection, and it's all loose leaf. Take that Tazo!

The ERC has not one, not several, but a veritable bunch of comfortable couches and chairs, velvet and overstuffed to my liking.

It's located next to plenty of cheap food and ideally located for students at UoM.

ERC plays good music (trance electronica or world beats) at a good volume. ERC has fantastic lighting (indirect with some overhead). It's clean, reasonably quiet (but not too quiet), open reasonably late, and basically reasonably good in almost every conceivable category. Thus, I hereby state that the Espresso Royale Cafe produces the best all-around cup of tea in the entire world.

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